The crime of the century has imspired the media of our time
Did you know?
86% of the world's population is denied regular internet access.

We think this is the crime of the century. So, grounded in the belief that “everyone is valuable to someone”, we gathered together as the human connective to build the most important thing in the world today. Maybe the most important thing ever.


It’s a collision between human spirit and technology which makes the internet free. The mobile first platform transacts the mutually shared value between consumers and the interactions they have with the brands they love. This gives consumers the ability to earn and redeem the value of their brand engagements in return for free internet access as well as partner/brand products and services. It also gives marketers hyper-local real time targeting and data that closes the gap between mobile engagement and product sales.

It empowers people. It has no borders, and as far as we can see, no end. Everyone is welcome to join it with equal and free access. It will connect them. It will broaden them. It will value them. Most of all, it will free them. And for consumer engagement, this changes everything.

This is what we are doing here today. We invite you to join us. The Human Connective. NEW YORK. MANILA.

Who we are

Who we are



For over 25 years, Crispian was a global lead as new business development specialist for the Interpublic Group on the Asia Pacific front, bringing out some of the world-famous work of HSBC, Thai Airways, Heineken, JP Morgan, among others. Today, as the founder and CEO of The Human Connective, by optimizing the value of human presence and interaction, he is leading the charge for the “Internet of Media” movement across the world.

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Who we are

Drew Deeb


As a top level, Asia Pacific-focused CPA who has been at the financial forefront of various surging markets, Drew provides the right level of visibility, structure and direction to drive business performance and helped emerging industries realize their potential. Drew is concentrated on being instrumental in turning The Human Connective and its multiple subsidiaries to giving connectivity to those that need it and generating powerful data for those that develop business direction from it.

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